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We sell four types of exotic porch decking: ipe, cumaru, tigerwood, and garapa. Each species has its own set of unique traits and strengths, but we stand behind each one as a high quality porch decking material. We also promise the best prices on the market!


Ipe Porch Decking Sample

Our number one seller, ipe porch decking is like a jewel in more ways than one. It possesses an elegant beauty and the strength of a diamond. A Janka Hardness of 3680 combined with naturally occurring oils makes ipe virtually impervious to insects attacks, rot and decay, mold and mildew, and even fire! This hardwood has a bending strength of 22,560 psi and is guaranteed not to break under heavy traffic. Its densely packed fibers make it splinter-free and slip resistant, providing a porch surface that is safe for the whole family. Ipe decking's subtle blend of reds and browns completes it, creating a classy outdoor space. While ipe is about as close as you can get to a maintenance-free deck, if you choose to apply regular treatments of protection expect your porch to last 75+ years. Click here to see our ipe porch decking prices.


Cumaru Porch Decking Sample

The second strongest hardwood we sell, cumaru is a close runner up behind ipe. Cumaru has a slightly more interesting visual impact, with a more varied color pallete ranging from earthy red to a golden tan. Like with all wood, the colors will fade when exposed to the sun, but this can be prevented with coatings of UV protection. Cumaru is extremely dense and naturally resistant to rot and decay, insect attacks, and mold. Its extremely dense surface, with a Janka rating of 3540, is slip resistant and splinter-free, and you will not have to worry about replacing the deck boards. A bending strength of 14,793 psi will keep them sturdy for decades. A cumaru porch can last, untreated, over 50 years. Expect that lifespan to nearly double with preservative treatments. Click here to see our cumaru porch decking prices.


Tigerwood Porch Decking Sample

Tigerwood porch decking's most notable feature is its wild aesthetic. As its name implies, this hardwood displays a vibrant spectacle of black stripes on a vivid orange backdrop. Chances are if you choose tigerwood, you will choose it for its looks, and so you will want to preserve its striking colors with a UV barrier. Not only will this protect your porch, but it will also enhance the already exotic patterns of the wood. While not as hard as ipe or cumaru, our tigerwood porch decking is still naturally durable, thanks to natural oils, a bending strength of 19,285 psi, and a Janka hardness of 1850, resisting insects, mold, and decay with ease. A tigerwood porch can last over 30 years as a safe and unique outdoor retreat that the whole family will love. Click here to see our tigerwood porch decking prices.


Garapa Porch Decking Sample

Garapa decking also has a unique look. Although perhaps not as striking as the wild stripes of tigerwood, garapa's honey gold hues will brighten your porch with their warm light. Although it is the softest species we sell, do not be fooled. Like all our exotic wood species, this garapa porch decking is naturally durable, resistant to fire, insects, mold, and rot. It is also dense enough to resist splintering, and it will help prevent slipping, even under wet conditions. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1210 and a bending strength of 12,900 psi. Garapa has a lifespan of over 30 years, and thanks to its relative softness, it is fairly easy to install. Click here to see our garapa porch decking prices.


Massaranduba Porch Decking Sample

The final porch decking species we offer, massaranduba decking, is one of the most lavish options. You would be hard pressed to find a more vibrant red than this, and massaranduba also boasts durability to compare with the legendary Ipe, coming in at 3190 on the Janka hardness scale and with a bending strength of 27,280 psi. Our line of massaranduba porch decking is also unique because of its customizable two-faced design. Choose between a traditional smooth deck surface or a stylish anti-slip surface—simply flip the boards over to suit your fancy! Click here to see our massaranduba porch decking prices.


Decking Tiles

Decking Tile Sample

The main benefit of decking tiles versus standard decking lumber is the ease and speed with which they can be installed. Anyone can install deck tiles, so there's no need to spend extra money on a contractor. Decking tiles bring their own unique look that can easily be mixed up and altered to suit your individual tastes. Click here to see our decking tile prices.


Pressure Treated Porch Framing

Pressure Treated Framing Sample

Pressure treated wood is not as durable compared to exotic hardwoods for the surface of your porch decking, but for the frame, which is shielded from the elements, it can be a good way to save money. Click here to see our pressure treated framing prices.


Porch Railings

We offer several railing systems in a variety of materials, giving you everything you need to give your porch that perfect finishing touch. Click here to see all our porch railing systems.


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